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Ed Linklater stood down from his positions of director and crew shortly after UrbanLAN 11 (Held 26/27 June) citing personal reasons and a loss of passion for the job. He agreed to sponsor the LAN as developer/host for the website in exchange for advertising Techlust.


Jase/PinguWaaWaa was voted in as the new director and brought back David/Anthrax to help run events. As part of the transition UrbanLANs bank account details were changed.


After some initial uncertainty Ed attended UrbanLAN 12 in the invite room so he could not be mistaken as part of the crew. As he was a sponsor he attended free of charge.


Claims of crew requests for him to be no longer involved are untrue and come as a surprise.


Typically we would support new LANs and many of the crew have either attended or helped other LANs in the area. However, given Ed’s actions and statements we won’t be supporting his new venture.


We hope you continue to support our LANs.


What’s up with Ed

That’s not something we can answer.

Why did the site go down?

Ed took the site down after a disagreement concerning his attendance at the crew meeting for UrbanLAN 13. He invited himself to attend and wished to ask crew for suggestions on improvements to the site.


Given his distancing since UrbanLAN 11 and conflicts with other crew members, crew felt his attendance wasn’t required but if he’d like he could email a list of questions to ask about the web-site and an email would be sent back providing answers.

This was taken personally and as a result the site was taken down.


David negotiated its return and for it to be moved to a new host in exchange for a one off popup displaying Eds message.

Do you mix personal issues with business?

No. UrbanLAN have always had a form of democracy and with the change in leadership even more so, so such a feat would be difficult to achieve. Attempts have been made in the past but have met stiff rebuttal.

Why speak up now

We didn’t have control of the site before and didn’t want another takedown. Those who spoke their mind on the forum had their posts removed by Ed.

Monday 21 July 2014

UrbanLAN Announcement: It's over!

Hello everyone.

It is with much sadness that we have ended UrbanLAN. This meant that our July 19/20 UrbanLAN 22 event was our very last.

Pingu (our Director) has a new job all the way down in Taupo (long may he stay warm), and Siv also retired from UrbanLAN too (so there went our network specialist).

It'd been a great eight years since UrbanLAN Launch in 2006, and it's a sad thing that it had to end in 2014, but real-life does have to take preference.

We'd like to thank you all for being part of the journey:
Thank you to all our sponsors (past and present) for all their generous support over the years. (Do make sure to click their logos to the right and check them out)
Thank you to all those who have faithfully served on crew over the last eight years as highly valuable, but never paid, volunteers.
Most of all, we'd like to thank all of YOU who have come as lanners to enjoy our events! Without you, there would have been no point!

Our website will be updated sometime over the next two weeks and will contain some basic, but informative items. We'll make sure to send a final email to you all to finish everything off tidily anyway.